Tuesday, 28 February 2012

And now: Méo!

Feb 02 2012

There was a lull; some heartbreak; some crossed wires.  But now let me introduce my newest foster friend: Méo. (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22097351)
He is a 7yr old Corgi mix that was surrendered after his owner passed away. He hails from (possibly rural) Quebec and is slowly learning English, quite the quick study! I have had to learn some French doggie commands to be able to communicate with this guy. It is pretty cool actually to see him look at me blankly when I speak in English and then respond immediately when I speak in French. He hasn't eaten a ton yet and the cats have a lot of negative things to say to him right now, but I am hopeful of us all figuring it out...

Update Feb 28!

What a darling! Meo has completely settled in and the cats have calmed down...sort of, and one them has taken a very keen interest in getting to know him. He won't introduce himself face to face yet but I think they are finding some kindred spirits with each other. They are basically twins, just not the same species.

Sydney vs Meo

both ginger and white
both, when awake, need to be in the same room with me
both love to have their belly rubbed for as long as possible
both sleep without modesty, sprawled on their backs
they sneeze a lot
they're kinda clumsy
they'd like all of my attention please

It has been a treat to watch them stake each other out, sneaking a little bit closer when the other one is sleeping. Looking forward to seeing this develop!

As expected...I got all attached again! I am a bit more rational about my love this time but it is a struggle not to want to keep him around too. I will love to love him until he finds his forever home. So if you are looking for someone to take home...