Monday, 14 November 2011

No More Dixie, introducing Daisy

I have got to say this puppy fostering game is quite emotional and up and down. I heard from Dixie's rescue folks this weekend that she was being moved to another shelter closer by. Her foster needs were pressing because the shelter she was in couldn't hold her much longer and was slated to be euthanized. I'm sorry not to meet her but am glad that she is on her way to finding a good home.
I'm beginning to think that there is a psychic-satellite-network wherein somehow one rescue knows when another has fallen through. Yesterday I heard from Homeward Bound Rescue about a senior English Bulldog named Daisy that is arriving in Toronto at some point this week and is needing a foster family. I love Bulldogs. It is a similar love I have for Hounds and St. Bernards.
Now that the fever of Dixie has cooled down I have to admit I am a teeny bit relieved, having learned more about hounds. I think we could have gotten along but she is a pretty giant beast and that might have been more difficult than I wanted to believe.
Alright, off to work but more to come!
Next up: what does being a black girl have to do with getting a dog? stay tuned...

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